The Garcia Center for the Arts offers a diverse number of classes which are designed to be affordable, making the joy of creating and experimenting in a supportive community environment accessible. Our classes include ceramics, printmaking, figure drawing, painting, textiles, music, gardening and soon, glassblowing! Many…
I am a featherman (regalia maker). I specialize in dance regalia of the Wintu, Maidu, and associated tribes. I have been active in dance and ceremony for 30 years and have been an active maker for 20 years. I come from the Nomtipom wintu of Northern California. I am of…
Foodways, Tribal ecological knowledge and cultural landscapes, Bahtssal (Eastern Pomo language)
Cultural histories of Oakland
Traditional Indigenous foods, with a focus on acorns
Hmong New Year celebration
Residency featuring Indigenous artists from El Pueblo San Pablo Tijaltepec
Danza Azteca/Mexica
Filipinx food traditions and rituals