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“A tree without roots will never bear fruit. Supporting ACTA is like supplying water to our roots. It is a little sip of livelihood to those brave traditional artists that will not compromise their culture.”

– Makeda Kumasi, Founder and Artistic Director of the Umoja Ensemble of the Inland Empire (2020 ACTA Living Cultures Grantee)

Master artist Jorge Mijangos (L) with his apprentice in son jarocho luthiery, Juan Francisco Parroquin (R) in 2013, holding instruments they are in the process of crafting. Photo: Sherwood Chen/ACTA.

We come together every day to create culture. In neighborhoods, parks, and places of worship, Californians are playing taiko drums, dancing son jarocho on the tarima, singing a gospel hymn, sharing a family recipe, or telling rich stories about their own cultural heritage.

Through shared practice and experience, we know our humanity. We learn from what has come before to understand today and envision tomorrow. 

ACTA supports the work of California traditional artists and cultural communities representing hundreds of expressive forms. From Ohlone basketry and Japanese koto music to Oaxacan mask-making and queer voguing competitions, we recognize California’s breadth of cultural practice as sources of social belonging, power, and justice.

Here’s what your donations to ACTA could help support:

A Living Cultures grant from ACTA supported regalia making for a Karuk coming of age ceremony that was resurrected after a 200 year hiatus. Photo: Sarah Liz.
  • A grant to support projects sustaining traditional cultural practice
  • Cultural transmission between a master and apprentice
  • Archival digitization, and access to, a fieldwork-based multimedia collection 
  • Restorative justice through arts in corrections programming
  • Artist roundtables that promote California’s cultural riches
  • Community recordings chronicling the immigrant experience
  • Increasing ACTA’s capacity to offer new programs and services throughout California

Every gift is a commitment to a culture bearer — and the people of California. Thank you for your generosity.

Contact: Amy Kitchener, Executive Director
Fresno Central Office | | (559) 237-9813 and (559) 696-2815



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ACTA Annual Report: 2018 - 2019

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Legacy Planning 

Include ACTA in your legacy plans and you and your loved ones may enjoy tax or income advantages while helping us to support California’s cultural heritage. Here are two things you can do today:

  • If you are at least 70 1⁄2 years old, make a qualified charitable distribution from your tax-deferred IRA. By transferring funds directly from your IRA to ACTA, you can satisfy required minimum distributions for the year and enjoy advantages compared to taking a taxable distribution and then contributing the proceeds.
  • Name ACTA as a beneficiary in your will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement account, or other estate plan. Let us know about your plans by completing and returning our simple, non-binding agreement.

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Every gift is a commitment to a culture bearer, and the people of California.