The Garcia Center for the Arts/San Bernardino Valley Concert Association

The Garcia Center for the Arts offers a diverse number of classes which are designed to be affordable, making the joy of creating and experimenting in a supportive community environment accessible. Our classes include ceramics, printmaking, figure drawing, painting, textiles, music, gardening and soon, glassblowing! Many free concerts and performances are held at the Garcia Center auditorium on a regular basis, currently offering weekly music and dance classes in capoeira Angola and son jarocho, introducing and reconnecting people with Afro-Indigenous roots.

Living Cultures Grant


Afro-Latino Celebration

Funding will support an Afro-Latino Celebration at The Garcia Center For the Arts in San Bernardino, California working with local San Bernardino artists of Oaxacan descent: Cesar Omar Garcia, Alexa Vazquez, and Pavel Acevedo.

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