For the past decade, MESTO (Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra) has engaged the Arabic community in Southern California by providing high-quality concerts, live events, and educational programs.  MESTO combines the melodies and rhythms of the Middle East within a Western symphonic setting, creating a unique blnd of these musical traditions.  MESTO accomplishes…
West African Traditional Djembe and Dunun
Jennifer Malone (Wukchumni, Tachi, Yowlumni) comes from a long line of basketweavers, including her grandmother, Beatrice Arancis, and her mother, Marie Wilcox.  Jennifer is an active basketry teacher, has partnered with and displayed at many community events, and is a board member of the California Indian Basketweavers Association.  Jennifer is…
West African dance
Hawaiian arts & culture
African diasporic arts & culture
Japanese taiko
Native California basketweaving
Eastern European women's vocals
Japanese taiko