Japanese taiko

The TAIKOPROJECT is an ensemble of premiere taiko drummers dedicated to promoting and advancing the Japanese American art of taiko.  Through public performances, education, and outreach activities, the TAIKOPROJECT is committed to preserving taiko as a dynamic element of Japanese American culture and heritage.  In addition to maintaining taiko as a community-based tradition, TAIKOPROJECT also incorporates unconventional and innovative concepts to expand artistic boundaries.  Through these values, TAIKOPROJECT seeks not only to entertain audiences, but also to inform them about the history and integrity of taiko as an evolving art form.

In 2013, TAIKOPROJECT received support from ACTA’s Development Program to work with consultant Jerry Yoshitomi to develop educational programming, perform strategic planning, and engage in board development.

In 2011, through their participation in ACTA’s Development Program, TAIKOPROJECT worked with master artist Ryutaro Kaneko in a series of workshops to assist the ensemble in creating new repertoire.