The Culture Catalyst

African diasporic arts & culture

The Culture Catalyst, founded in 2009, functions on the premise that African diasporic arts — drum, dance, music, and song — contain vital cultural information that will perish if not cultivated and protected.  Undergirded by a strong belief that robust atists are central to vibrant community life, The Culture Catalyst is dedicated to community revitalization through the promotion of performing arts careers.  In addition to creating performance opportunities for artists working in traditional African musical and dance genres, The Culture Catalyst provides short-term technical assistance and long-term management training with the goal of fostering self-empowerment, self-sufficiency, and a spirit of successful entreprenuership among its artist-clients.

In 2011, the Culture Catalyst received support from ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program to work with consutant Angela Richardson in strategic planning, executive coaching, and board development.


Left to right: Beto Gonzalez (Samba Society and current apprentice in ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program in Brazalian Candomblé), Giavanni Washington (The Culture Catalyst), Kara Mack Cummings, Kahlil Cummings, Xochi Flores (Fandango sin Fronteras), and ACTA Board Member Dan Sheehy.

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