African American Quilting
My Mother always told me stories. I began telling stories formally when I was in high school in Chicago (St. Ignatius) in the 60’s, stories of Africa and the struggles of African-Americans for freedom. In 1992 I met Joel ben Izzy from Berkeley, CA who was introduced to me as…
An artist-ambassador from Bahia to the Bay Area
Ora Clay is a contemporary fiber artist who has exhibited her work in galleries, museums, and public buildings locally and nationally. Her artwork has also been featured on the front page of The New York Times Arts Section. Her quilts tell stories by incorporating photos, sayings, and events…
Anana Clark is a master braider and threadwrap artist originally from Los Angeles, now living in the Bay Area. She teaches an online course in African Threadwrapping and is also available for in-person classes for cosmetology schools and African centered workshops. She also has note and…
Old-Time Banjo and Fiddle Music
Black Women's Blues Festival
Afro-Peruvian Music and Dance
African Threadwrapping
Ewe Akpoka Drumming