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Cultural histories of Oakland
Congolese music and dance
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Lukumi and Palo Briyumba spiritual practices
African-American hair braiding
Ancestral storytelling
Acacia is a cultural preservationist, traditional arts advocate/ musician and keeper of traditional histories. Through oral testimony and inclusive, cultural tourism, she brings together elders and youth alike to share in the oft overlooked and undertold stories of communities of color. She believes that community education is a must, and…
Fogo na Roupa, founded in 1989 is a Bay Area, award-winning, Grupo Carnavalesco and performing company which combines the community’s raw spirit with the technical expertise of its illustrious Founding Director, the late Mestre Carlos Aceituno. The name, which means “Clothes On Fire”, is symbolic of the hot energy generated by…
Francis is a performer and educator from Ghana, West Africa. Born and raised in the melting pot neighborhood of New Town, Francis grew up in an environment bursting with the sights and sounds of Ghana’s many ethnic groups. During his almost two decades as an instructor at the University…