Ancestral workshop altar. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Kai Delgado Pfeifer

Filipinx food traditions and rituals

Filipinx food traditions and rituals
Kai teaching Filpinx youth about coconuts. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Kai Delgado Pfeifer is a lifelong student and practitioner of Filipino cooking, indigenous agriculture traditions, and Hilot (Philippine traditional healing). Filipinx Food as Medicine is their grassroots education project centering Filipinx food and medicine traditions, and the stories embedded within them, as media for community health and climate justice. Filipinx Food as Medicine offers in-person workshops (one per month), virtual knowledge shares (two to three hours each), and five- to eight-week-long virtual courses (three cohorts per year) teaching Filipinx traditions of food, herbalism, agriculture, ritual, and cosmology. Participants gather in the ancestral format of ritual and talk-circle, which allows them to center the lived experiences of their ancestors and communities within the historical, political, and ecological contexts of the Filipinx diaspora. Since 2022, Filipinx Food as Medicine has educated close to 150 individuals from Filipinx and other BIPOC communities in the Bay Area and beyond.

Living Cultures Grant


Filipinx Food as Medicine

Kai will provide scholarship spaces in each of Filipinx Food as Medicine’s Autumn 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer/Autumn 2024 cohorts to seven youth, LGBTQ, and migrant participants. Funding will also support in-person foodways workshops and garden days.



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