Foodways, Tribal ecological knowledge and cultural landscapes, Bahtssal (Eastern Pomo language)
Comedy, music, poetry and storytelling
Hmong history and traditions (Qeej, Mej Koob, Txiv Xaiv)
Residency featuring Indigenous artists from El Pueblo San Pablo Tijaltepec
Afro-Cuban folkloric music, including rumba
Paj ntaub "flower cloth" of the HMong
Filipinx food traditions and rituals
Traditional Lao dance and folk songs
African-American hair braiding
Jose Trejo Maya is a remnant of the Nahuatlacah oral tradition, a tonalpouhque Mexica, and a commoner from the lowlands (i.e. Mexico) from a time and place that no longer exists. His poetry has gained recognition and been published in various countries, including the UK, US, India, Spain, Australia, Argentina,…