Terry Nguyen, known as “tsugaruterry,” is a musician and educator specializing in minyo (folk) and traditional music of Japan as performed on the Tsugaru shamisen and taiko drums. Terry began playing the Tsugaru shamisen in 2006. Initially self-taught, in 2010 she started her training with instructor Mitsuru Sasaki of the…
Ronaldo Lage Ignacio is a capoeira teacher in Santa Monica, CA. Living Cultures Grant 2023 Capoeira Classes for Low-income Children and Families Funding will support Capoeira classes for low-income children and families.
I am a featherman (regalia maker). I specialize in dance regalia of the Wintu, Maidu, and associated tribes. I have been active in dance and ceremony for 30 years and have been an active maker for 20 years. I come from the Nomtipom wintu of Northern California. I am of…
The Fund for Resource Conservation, under the umbrella of the Ventura County Resource Conservation District, serves as an administrator for traditional Chumash art forms in Ventura County. Their focus is on land conservation and resource preservation, recognizing art as a tool for cultural preservation and connection to the land. Through…
Foodways, Tribal ecological knowledge and cultural landscapes, Bahtssal (Eastern Pomo language)
Comedy, music, poetry and storytelling
Hmong history and traditions (Qeej, Mej Koob, Txiv Xaiv)
Residency featuring Indigenous artists from El Pueblo San Pablo Tijaltepec
Afro-Cuban folkloric music, including rumba
Paj ntaub "flower cloth" of the HMong