Instructors and students of Hmong Cultural Preservation. Photo: Courtesy of the organization.

Hmong Cultural Preservation

Hmong history and traditions (Qeej, Mej Koob, Txiv Xaiv)

About the Organization

An HCP student takes on the role of a Mej Koob. Photo: Courtesy of the organization.

Hmong Cultural Preservation (HCP) is a dedicated group of community leaders passionately committed to the preservation, sharing, teaching, and celebration of the vibrant and rich cultural heritage of the Hmong people. Their mission is to ensure that the Hmong culture is passed down to future generations through educational workshops and cultural events, along with historical preservation projects and community outreach. They believe that by bridging the past with the present, they can empower the Hmong community to thrive while ensuring that their cultural roots remain strong and resilient.



Living Cultures Grant


The Hmong Culture Education and Practice Project

Hmong Cultural Preservation will organize classes for youth to learn about Qeej (a traditional bamboo reed instrument, pronounced “gheng”), Mej Koob (similar to marriage officiants), and Txiv Xaiv (clergy/priest). Classes will also cover the stories and legacy of their history and culture.



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