Hmong Hayfork New Year Logo. Photo: Courtesy of the organization.

Hmong Hayfork New Year

Hmong New Year celebration

About the Organization

By sharing this event with the larger community of Hayfork, we build bridges between cultures, invite diverse cultural intersection and collaboration, strengthen community fabric, deepen understanding of Hmong history, culture, and lived experience, and bring awareness to the larger community in which we live.”

– Hmong Hayfork New Year

Ceremony to welcome the New Year. Photo: Tony Reed.

Hmong Hayfork New Year brings the most important celebration in the Hmong culture to rural Hayfork, California—home to one of the largest Hmong populations in the state. For the Hmong, the New Year is the culmination of the previous year and the harvest. It is also a time of prayer for the beginning of an auspicious new year and growing season, to sustain the community in the future. In Hayfork, the celebration of the New Year involves multigenerational sharing of ceremonial language, music and customs, foodways, and handmade clothing adorned in tribal identifying elements.

Living Cultures Grant


Hmong Hayfork New Year Celebration

The Hmong Hayfork New Year Committee, with fiscal sponsorship from Trinity County Arts Council, will host Hmong Hayfork New Year Celebration, an event honoring and sustaining a vital cultural tradition that centers around the Hmong way of life on the land. The event will continue a thousands-of-years-old tradition where the Hmong tribes gather to share in dance, song, language, ceremony, and cuisine, engaging their cultural and greater geographic community of Hayfork, Trinity County, in a two-day event free to the public.



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