Wilverna Reece (Karuk) has been weaving baskets since 1978.  She was taught by Karuk tribal elders Grace and Madeline Davis in Happy Camp, California.  Wilverna is proficient in the skills and knowledge needed to weave many types of Karuk baskets, and has been teaching weaving to community members since 1983.
Colombia’s Caribbean coast is host to a plethora of rhythms and musical styles.  Many fall under the umbrella of cumbia, which is but one of a number of styles.  In this region, the most commonly used instruments are the alegre, llamador, tambora, maracón, guacho, and gaita.  Together, they represent the…
Japanese Koto Music
The batá is a sacred drum tradition originating among the Yoruba people of West Africa and brought to the New World during the slave trade era.  Female in nature, the three two-headed drums played by three men activate a sacred language that communicates with the spirit world of the Orisha (or…
Kalinga laga weaving and dance
Mexican son huasteco and son jarocho
Chinese lion dance and lion head construction
African American quilting