North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center

Multicultural arts and culture

The North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center’s (NCSCC’s) mission is to inspire and educate the community the San Juan Ridge by providing a venue for gatherings, performance, art and education that enriches and sustains the community’s rural character and traditions.

In 2004, as participants in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program, NCSCC worked with consultants Azriel Getz and Sara Greensfelder to co-coordinate the second annual North Columbia Folklife Festival.  The festival, which took place in September 2004, was used to reach out to specific cultural communities as well as general audiences in an effort to build bridges of understanding between all Californians.  The 2004 festival focused on Mexican cultural traditions found in Nevada County and California and offered traditional music, dance, story, craft, and historical and contemporary perspectives through exhibit and presentations.