Members of the community at the Lao Cultural Classes 2019 "End of the Year Celebration." Photo courtesy of the organization.

Lao Community Cultural Center of Fresno

Promoting and preserving Lao culture

About the Organization

The Lao Community Cultural Center of Fresno (LCCCF) is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), established in 1997. It is located at the Lao Dhamma Sacca Temple in Fresno, California. LCCCF is funded through generous donations from members, Dhamma Sacca Temple members, students, parents, and the community, and various fundraisers. The mission is to both foster unity within the Lao community and also raise awareness of the Lao culture through traditional Lao music and dance performances.  fully run by volunteers, LCCCF provides free, weekly classes to the public in traditional dance and music, literacy and culture. It sponsors a variety of programs throughout the year such as Youth Education and Cultural Program, Family Bereavement/Support, Miss Lao Pageant, Kong Toum Cultural Group, and Annual Lao New Year Celebration. Its program focus is the Youth Education/Cultural Program.

Living Cultures


ACTA funding will continue to support free Lao Cultural Classes on language, dance, and music, for youth and adults.


Lao Cultural Classes

In 2020, the Lao Community Cultural Center of Fresco received a Living Cultures Grant from ACTA to provide support to the roster of culture classes offered at the Lao Dhamma Sacca Temple in Fresno each week. These classes are essential in the preservation of traditional Lao music and dance, which in turn, can help educate the larger community about the Lao history and culture. Classes will be offered at three different levels and will culminate in student performances at various community events throughout the Central Valley.

Invest in California’s cultural wealth.

Every gift is a commitment to a culture bearer, and the people of California.