A traditional Hmong embroidery workshop with youth, adults, and elders. Photo: Pachia Lucy Vang.

Culture through Cloth

Paj ntaub "flower cloth" of the HMong

About the Organization

Workshop attendees learning traditional HMong cross-stitching for the first time. Photo: Pachia Lucy Vang.

Culture through Cloth is an evolving traditional art and community design studio focused on promoting the making, wearing, and learning of HMong (Hmong and Mong) culture through cloth. They provide educational workshops and cultural goods designed to create more places and spaces for HMong people. Paj ntaub circle sessions directly engage elder artisans, investing in their leadership and creative capabilities to revitalize their textile skills and address intergenerational barriers to accessing HMong knowledge. The studio’s founder, Pachia Lucy Vang, is a paj ntaub maker and educator who explores concepts of indigeneity, diaspora, and belonging through an interdisciplinary practice in fiber arts, design, and curation. Her work is informed by her experiences as a Hmong-American navigating culture, art, trauma, and society with a pluriversal imagination that speaks from HMong-centered knowledge.

Pachia Lucy Vang and Lu Lee introduce HMong needlework, 2022

Living Cultures Grant


Paj Ntaub Circles

Culture through Cloth will organize bi-weekly Paj Ntaub Circles led by elder practitioners at the Hmong Organizing for Progress and Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) Center in Sacramento, California, in partnership with Hmong Youth & Parents United (HYPU). Funding will also be used to create a table to store craft supplies and encourage intimacy during the gatherings.


Pachia Lucy Vang | pachia@culturethroughcloth.com

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