The mission of Latinos Unidos del Condado de Sonoma is to strengthen family values and promote education, community responsibility, and empowerment of the Latinx community in Sonoma County. Living Cultures Grant 2023 Supporting Yolotl Ballet Folkorico’s Workshops and Performances…
Ruben Gonzalez has created a ranch filled with eclectic art and memorabilia in the Coachella Valley called Ruben’s Ranch. Ruben’s Ranch pays tribute to the Aztec, Maya and Mexican culture. The space includes replicas of archaeological finds such as Chac Mool, Aztec calendar and interpretation of the pyramids of Tenochhtitlan.
Mariachi Plaza Festival Foundation is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit whose specific purpose is to support the community by promotion of education, public awareness, preservation of the Mariachi art form, and programs geared towards cultural enrichment of the public. Annually held in November, their festivals include the ‘Mariachi Plaza Festival’ and the…
Jeniffer Sanchez is dedicated to preserving the living tradition of Danza Azteca by teaching beading and regalia making. Through classes at Plaza de la Raza and Oxy Arts, she empowers individuals to create their own regalia, fostering cultural pride and identity while raising awareness and support for this important tradition.
Automotive and motorcycle hand engraving
Zapateado Jarocho
Traditional Son Jarocho Music
Intercultural Poetry and Art
Remembering a beloved artist, educator, and cultural leader