Photo: Courtesy of La Raíz Magazine.

Courtesy of La Raíz Magazine.

La Raíz Magazine

Intercultural Poetry and Art

About the Organization

La Raíz Magazine is an organization with an annual multi-cultural, multilingual publication. The 2021 edition of La Raíz featured work from 49 contributors, of whom approximately 90% identify as BIPOC; 70%, women or girls; and 75%, Indigenous, Chicana/o, or Latinx. Along with publications, La Raíz Magazine provides arts engagement through bilingual poetry workshops (Palabras & Poetry) and women-centered poetry workshops (I Am Woman). The organization offers community members free support to write poetry via guided, interactive workshops that include prompts, samples, and opportunities to share their work, such as Creative Showcase. Creative Showcases feature La Raíz contributors and include an open-mic format for community members to share artwork or read poetry.

Living Cultures Grant

Alebrije Sculpture 3 by Elizabeth Jimenez Montelongo, 2019. Photo: Courtesy of La Raíz Magazine.

Community Alebrije Sculpture Workshops & Showcases

In 2022, La Raíz Magazine, supported by ACTA’s Living Cultures Grant Program, will offer two free, two-part workshops for designing paper alebrije: a sculptural art form from Oaxaca, México. Community members who participate will be invited to display their handmade alebrijes at a Day of the Dead event in San José, California, and in a Creative Showcase as part of the La Raíz Magazine: Art & Poetry Event Series.



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