Learning Mexican folk guitar inside Avenal State Prison. Photo by Peter Merts, courtesy of the California Arts Council.

ACTA’s Arts in Corrections Program Featured on Radio Bilingüe

Reporters Tena Rubio and Rubén Tapia from the national Latino public radio network Radio Bilingüe went inside several California state prisons ACTA serves through our  Arts in Corrections program. They documented  the sounds of communal music workshops and intense spoken word poetry sessions, and spoke to participants, artists, and correctional officers about how traditional arts practices can change the outlook of incarcerated individuals.

“I feel like this is going to be my redemption in a way, when I get out. Not to prove anybody wrong, but just to show myself there was more to my life than the gang lifestyle. It gives you a tremendous sense of hope.”
—Jose Salazar, Mexican folk guitar student, Avenal State Prison

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