The Awon Ohun Omnira Choir performs at ACTAs Sounds of California concert in Bayview in 2018. Photo by Sonia Narang/ACTA.

Sounds of California: On the Airwaves with Radio Bilingüe

Through migration, displacement, and trauma, music has been a thread of continuity and community for the Californians featured in ACTA’s Sounds of California concert held in April 2018 in the San Francisco neighborhood of Bayview-Hunter’s Point. Listen to the artists from the program tell their stories in these detailed new radio features produced for the Sounds of California project in partnership with Radio Bilingüe, available in English and in Spanish. And in case you missed the concert, you can hear the full recording on Radio Bilingüe’s archive!

“We are prayer warriors, singing warriors, we are trying to bring a balm or a salve of our songs and dances and ways to our community that have been lost, and it’s a way of bringing closure. Specifically with police violence, the best way to combat is with our ancestors. They’ve all been through this.”
—Davina Estrella Ramy, Awon Ohun Omnira Choir

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