Weaving Spirits Festival of Two-Spirit Performance

Two-Spirit Native American artists

The Weaving Spirits Festival of Two-Spirit Performance is the first-ever Two-Spirit Native American performance festival. Premiering in San Francisco in 2020, the festival showcases a range of genres, intertribal voices, and both “urban” and “reservation” Natives all powerfully rooted in their traditional cultures. Weaving Spirits features Bay Area Two-Spirit indigenous artists, many of which are already known both nationally and internationally, as well as artists emerging in the community. The sharing and participation in traditional dances, storytelling, and preservation of traditional arts are priorities of the festival.

In 2021, the Weaving Spirits Festival of Two-Spirit Performance received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grant Program to support the festival’s second year. Grant funds will support a month-long video screening series of previous Weaving Spirits performances with artist Q&A. The festival will then culminate in a 2-week virtual performance series showcasing four Two-Spirit artists’ new work, as well as workshops and panels.

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