ACTA made 17 awards through the Sankofa Fund for Cultural Preservation in a new program supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission. The Sankofa Initiative is a re-granting program of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Arts Impact Endowment to support the healing and creativity…
A Q+A with Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto
We are so excited to have Melody Takata join the ACTA staff as Program Manager! Melody is the founder of GenRyu Arts, a taiko and odori school in San Francisco, as well as the Festival Director of Japan Week, a summer cultural festival in San Francisco…
Two-Spirit Native American artists
Nicaraguan arts and culture
Filipino/Filipino-American Arts and Culture
Vietnamese Opera (Cải lương)
With Uzo Nwankpa and Rhodessa Jones
Storytelling with Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakāne
Exploring Traditional Arts + Health