Philippine folk dance
Music and dance of the Afro-Brazilian Carnaval
Bolivian charango
Kulintang Music of the Southern Philippines
Ganesh Vasudeva is a Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer. Ganesh has created many works and presented his works in India, FRance, London and the United States. Ganesh believes dance is an all encompassing form that connects him to everyone & everything that has come in the past  and yet to…
Indian Classical Dance
Bharatanatyam, a South Indian Classical Dance
Ewe Akpoka Drumming
Philippine Pangalay Dance
ACTA made 17 awards through the Sankofa Fund for Cultural Preservation in a new program supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission. The Sankofa Initiative is a re-granting program of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Arts Impact Endowment to support the healing and creativity…