Thai Community Arts and Cultural Center

The Thai Community Arts and Cultural Center was founded in 1992, for the purpose of preserving and promoting Thai arts and culture in the United States.  The organization is based in Los Angeles, whose population of Thai and Thai-descended people is the largest one of outside of Thailand.  The TCACC has worked for over 20 years building partnerships within the Thai and greater Los Angeles communities, taking part in numerous cultural events and activities, and establishing itself as a representative and ambassador for Thai culture through the arts.

Each year, the organization’s most important project is the Thai Cultural Day Festival.  Thai Cultural Day is the only festival in Los Angeles that is dedicated exclusively to the celebration and sharing of the traditional arts of Thailand.  The free, day-long festival includes craft and headdress displays, Ram Thai (classical and folk dancing), live music on traditional instruments, shadow puppets, Kohn (masked) theater, Muy Thai (martial arts), traditional painting, and fruit carving demonstrations.

In 2014, the Center received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support the Thai Cultural Day Festival.