Somali Community of San Diego

Somali/Somali-American arts and culture

Somali Community of San Diego is a nonprofit organization focused on serving and engaging the local Somali community in the areas of civic engagement, health, and the arts. Their mission is to give the Somali community a voice that is heard, responded to, and influences the conversation in San Diego.

In 2021, with support from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grant Program, the Somali Community of San Diego will host an event bringing together Somalis of all ages in the San Diego community in celebration, dialogue, and engagement with Gabay, or traditional Somali poetry. Playing a significant role in Somali heritage, Gabay is used to capture and pass along stories, family lineage, and other significant occurrences in a family or clan’s history. The planned event is an effort to bridge the gap that exists in the Somali diaspora between a younger generation and the elders of the community that still hold onto this talent.

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