Los Diablos de Nuu Yuku

After citizens of the town of San Miguel Cuevas, Oaxaca, Mexico migrated and settled their families in the Central Valley, many became concerned that their children would not be exposed to their indigenous roots leading to cultural extinction. In 2001, community members came together to discuss how they can continue practicing the same culture and traditions left behind in their hometowns. In spite of not being in their native land, Grupo Nuu Yuku was created with the purpose of exposing the younger generations to the sacred dance of the Mixtecos, known as la Danza de los Diablos. Their goal is to promote cultural pride and a sense of belonging for youth who are struggling with their indigenous identities. Programs and services assure the teaching of the dance, its music, its mask making and traditional dress. 

Grupo Nuu Yuku will organize a one-day event in Fresno to bring together the artist and musicians of California who practice la danza de los diablos. Funding from a 2017 Living Cultures grant will support artist fees, travel expenses for out of town artists and related production expenses. The event will celebrate the cultural richness of Mixtec traditions and provide an exchange of ideas and practices.