Krudas Cubensi y DJ Leydis

Krudas Cubensi, composed of Odaymar and Oli, are Cuban queer nonbinary artivists and feminist hip-hop pioneers. Formed in Havana in 1999 and performing as a powerful duo since 2004, they relocated to Austin, Texas, in 2006 to internationalize their career. Known for their powerful, crispy flow and fierce feminist rebel lyrics, they advocate for marginalized communities, including black people, trans people, women, queers, and immigrants. Krudas Cubensi performs, records, gives talks, workshops, and tours nationally and globally, managing their endeavors independently. Since August 2021, they have been part of the Abolition Democracy Program in the Black Studies Collaboratory at UC Berkeley.

DJ Leydis
Born and raised in Cuba, DJ Leydis is a trailblazing DJ known for her unique blend of contemporary hits, Latin flavors, R&B classics, and roots reggae. A key figure in the Cuban hip-hop movement, she co-founded Omegas Kilay, a hip-hop theater collective in Havana. DJ Leydis organized some of Cuba’s most respected events and community programs and co-created the first all-female DJ mixtape in Cuba. Since migrating to the United States in 2006, she has collaborated with iconic artists like Erykah Badu and Questlove of The Roots.

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Festival Cubahia

Funding will support the development of the Cubahía Festival [Cuba + bahía – “bay” in Spanish], building a space for Cuban, immigrant, LGBT communities, mixing traditional Afro-Cuban music, dance and orality with Hip Hop and of bringing these [forms] from their native island, Cuba, to this, their second home, the Bay Area.

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