Bravo provides a demonstration on Mesoamerican instruments for Back Yard Art, an ongoing community program offered by Art Escape. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

Jesus Bravo Alva

Mexica arts, culture, and musical teachings

Mexica arts, culture, and musical teachings
Bravo with Mesoamerican instruments, sharing their sounds, how they are made, and their histories. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

Jesus Bravo Alva (Jesus Bravo) is a proud, first-generation immigrant, born near Malinalco, Estado de Mexico, where the Mexica Eagle and Jaguar warriors were initiated and trained. It is Bravo’s passion to share the area’s rich history, traditions, and ancestral knowledge. Bravo moved to the United States as a child and was raised on both sides of the border. Growing up, he wasn’t sure about what career path to pursue; he chose a trade route: welding. Now, Bravo is grateful for everything that led him to creating his metal art and being a culture bearer. He remains inspired by his culture and is continually learning about his trade and heritage. Through Manos Mexicas, he sells handmade, cultural crafts from Tenancingo and Malinalco, Estado de Mexico.

Living Cultures Grant


“Ancestral Sounds of Mesoamerica”

Bravo and Manos Mexicas will teach BIPOC youth about cultural and visual art practices, traditional folklore, and pre-Hispanic musical instruments through classes and events. Ultimately, he aims to open an art gallery and store front which will double as a cultural center for gathering and learning.



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