Inyo Council for the Arts

Multicultural arts and culture

The Inyo Council for the Arts serves the entire Inyo County which is the second largest county in California.  The council actively supports and encourages the artistic expression of the varied cultural groups in Inyo County, and realizes the importance of supporting the maintenance of traditional expressions within their respective communities.

In 2004, the Inyo Council for the Arts’ participation in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program supported teachers of Los Aguilita, a children’s ballet folklorico group, to perform workshops and purchase costume materials.  The Inyo Council for the Arts served the growing Hispanic population by providing opportunities to participate in workshops and performances provided by Los Aguilita to transmit knowledge and appreciation of traditional Mexican music and dancing.  Los Aguilita is a children’s dance group founded in 2000 by Martha Mendez and Alma Santana.  Los Aguilita offers a unique opportunity for Latino children to learn the traditional dances of their cultural heritage.  The group survives solely through donations and volunteer efforts.


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