Global Women Intact

African dance and drumming

Global Women Intact (GWI) is an arts and social justice organization founded in 1997 by Liberian comedienne, writer, dancer, storyteller, and community activist, Sia Amma.  GWI’s programs help artists and non-artists gain the knowledge, resources, and independence to create positive change in their communities and world.  In particular, GWI aims to improve conditions for, and empower African people, and people of the African Diaspora, by promoting and producing African-derived arts in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the United States.  GWI presents and teaches Afro-centric dance, music, theater, and stand-up comedy to empower and promote the cultures of African people so that knowledge of their contributions may serve as an inspiration in the Bay Area and beyond.

GWI received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program in 2009 and 2010 to support their San Francisco African Dance and Drum Festival.  Since 2004, the Festival is an annual event that offers classes and concerts featuring traditional artists from Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Congo, and the Gambia, among other African cultures.