Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival

Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival (FilAm Fest) is held near the historic Filipino community of San Diego County, located in the Paradise Hills neighborhood of the City of San Diego near Potomac Park. The Festival is held on the first Saturday of October, which coincides with Filipino Heritage Month in California. Since 2005, the Festival has developed into a cultural and generational nexus of the Filipino American community. The Festival continues to be cultivated by a robust collaboration of artisans (performing and visual, both traditional and contemporary), community organizations, local government, and small businesses.

In 2013, as a grantee in ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program, FilAm Fest received support for a series of inter-generational workshops, designed to bridge first- and second-generation Filipinos, highlighting traditional food preparation and cooking and the history behind the different regional cuisines of the Philippines. Through oral storytelling by the elders in the project and food preparation by all participants, the monthly series will be documented through audio and video.