Asociacion de la Pelota Mixteca de California Central

In 2013, the Asociation de la Pelota Mixteca de California Central received funding from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program for the Festival de la Pelota Mixteca, taking place each weekend between May and June.  The Oaxcan game of pelota is played by men utilizing an ornate leather ball and glove with origins dating from the pre-Hispanic era.  A thirty-year history of the game in Fresno has led to the formation of other teams in Oxnard, Santa Barbara, San Fernando, and Monterey to name a few.  The Festival will bring together teams in competition as well as feature dance performances, food, and, artists from Oaxaca for the community at large.  A feature of the project will be to introduce more youth to the game as well as to purchase additional elaborate leather-hardened balls and gloves.  A craftsman from Oaxaca will be in residence creating the equipment for the Fresno-based group.