Pezhham Akhavass is a musician, percussionist/multi-instrumentalist/music director, and instructor, master of tombak (a type of goblet drum from Persia) and daf (the frame drum), and Setar (Long Neck Lute which presents Iranian Radif, which is a collection of the melodies in modal system from different generations that have been orally…
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Faisal Zedan is an Arabic music teacher and performer from Syria. He has been residing in the bay area since 2005, teaching and performing different genres of music from the Arab world and the Middle East. He plays the traditional drums; Derbakki, Riqq and frame drums.
Nicole Maria is a multi-award-winning dancer based out of Oakland, California. She has been studying, teaching, and performing contemporary and traditional forms of Arabic dance for over a decade. In 2019, she was a featured soloist in the prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, representing Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Nicole teaches…
We at ACTA send our condolences to the family of master duduk artist Jivan Gasparyan, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 92. Jivan (sometimes spelled Djivan) was an Armenian musician of great accomplishment based in Sherman…
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