Amelia Butler is an indigenous Māori woman of Ngātiwai, Ngāti Awa and Ngāpuhi descent. She attended Kōhanga Reo (Māori language preschool) at a young age and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. Amelia studied Māori by correspondence at secondary school and led her school’s kapa haka (traditional Māori performance) group.
Mexican arts and culture
Santeria/Lukumi spiritual practices
Mayan Yucatec arts and culture
Liturgical / Praise Dance
Kalari ppayattu Martial Arts
Usando las artes tradicionales para sobrellevar el estrés y la ansiedad
Using the traditional arts to cope with stress and anxiety
Featuring Artists and Advocates L. Frank Manriquez and Sipu Whittle
Lifting up community and culture for Muslims in the Bay Area