Brazilian music and dance

BrasArte is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the traditional dance and music of Brazil and to developing opportunities for cultural exchange between dancers and musicians of all ages from Brazil and the United States.  BrasArte has organized many cultural exchange projects, including the Borboletas, the first and only children's Brazilian dance troupe in the Bay Area.  BrasArte has also sponsored many Brazilian cultural events, including the annual Yemanja Festival and an annual Lavagem celebration.

In 2017 and 2014, BrasArte received a grant from ACTA's Living Cultures Grants Program to support the annual Yemanjá Festival, a month-long festival in honor of a goddess of the ocean in the Candomblé tradition of Brazil. The Brazilian community will participate in traditional activities throughout the month of February, such as decorating baskets with flowers and special gifts for Yemanjá. Lectures and workshops will occur each weekend. The festival will culminate with a traditional folkloric performance in which the character and relationship of Yemanjá within the African Brazilian tradition will be presented.

In 2008, a contract from ACTA's Traditional Arts Development Program hired consultant Marie Monrad to work with artistic director Conceicao Damasceno to build the grant writing, accounting, fundraising, and media outreach skills of BrasArte's staff.  Ms. Monrad also created a system for accounting, identified potential advisory board members, and identified other potential venue and performance partners.

In 2007, BrasArte received a grant from ACTA's Living Cultures Grants Program to support a cultural exchange with the Afro-Brazilian performance troupe Ilê Aiyê, best known for their efforts to "re-Africanize" Brazil's celebrated Carnavale.  The company participated in performances, outreach activities with youth, and an appearance in the 2007 San Francisco Carnavale.

The following video features a clip from BrasArte's 2014 Yemanjá Festival. The Susana Arenas Cuban Dance Company were featured performers. Under the direction of Ms. Arenas, herself a renown artist and choreographer from Cuba, the clip features the soloists Regina Tolbert and Yenne Guibert as the goddess.


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Artistic Director and founder of BrasArte, Conceição Damasceno a culture-bearer of Afro-Brazilian arts for several decades.
Dance artists representing other orixás or deities perform at the culmination of a month long festival dedicated to Yemanjá.
Dance artists representing other orixás or deities perform at the culmination of a month long festival dedicated to Yemanjá.

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