September 17, 2012

“As a third generation Japanese American, I recognize that my wife and I will be the ones in my family who lived and experienced the values and cultural traditions of my grandmother and grandfather (bachan and gichan).  It will be our joy and responsibility to communicate and share those values and cultural traditions to our new granddaughter (mago), Adelaide Charlotte Yoshitomi.  However I’ll need the help of ACTA and other cultural support organizations to make certain that these are present for Addie as she grows.  It’s also important to us that Addie learn of her relatives’, neighbors’, and classmates’ cultural traditions.  I’m not going to be in Addie’s life forever, but God willing, I hope that these traditions and ACTA will be.”

— Jerry Yoshitomi

Our sincere gratitude to Jerry and all of those who made a donation this July and August to support traditional arts.

Colleen Ament Rasey
Juan Manuel Carrillo
Emmett Castro
Lynn & Ken Cooper
Shelley Cousineau
Patricia & Vern Crow
Kenya Curry
Carol Edison
Quetzal Flores

Gilda Zarate-Gonzalez
Lily Kharrazi
Amy Kitchener
Howard & Ruth Kitchener
Amy Lawrence
Juan & Consuelo Medina
Malcolm Margolin
Nayamin Martinez
Libby Maynard

Chike Nwoffiah
Paula & Harihar Rao
Sarah Remmert
Judy & Bob Reynolds
Wendeanne Ke’aka Stitt
Leoncio Vazquez
Deborah Wong
Jerry & Cindy Yoshitomi