January 21, 2014

We did it!!!  Thanks to the 87 friends who contributed to the Apprenticeship Program Campaign, we exceeded our $8,000 goal and raised an amazing $20,300!  The impact of this generosity will span lifetimes, supporting the 19 pairs of talented 2014 Master Artists and Apprentices.

We would like to thank the many individuals who donated via our online fundraising campaign through Indiegogo.  Through your efforts, ACTA raised over $8,800.  ACTA is also thankful for the generous $8,000 contribution from Artivist Entertainment in support of this program.  In addition, ACTA’s board, staff, and close friends combined to raise over $3,500 in memory of Howard L. Kitchener, father of our Executive Director Amy Kitchener.

This was a tremendous effort and we are grateful for the outpouring of support! 

Contributors to the 2014 Apprenticeship Program Campaign

Paula Allen, Artivist Entertainment, Jennifer Bates, Conrad Benedicto, Andrea Carter, Emmett Castro, Lilia Chavez, Jon Ching, Jennifer Chu, Shira Cion, Patricia and Vern Crow, Kenya Curry, Rose Marie Davis, Quetzal Flores, Roberto Flores, Job and Leanne Fontaine, Jessica Giese Gardner, Robert Garfias, Ben Gertner, Juana Gomez, Jo Farb Hernandez, Vicki Filgas, Suzanne Hildebrand, Ginger Holguin, Michael Hudson, Hula On Productions, Joel Jacinto, Maria Rosario Jackson, Debra Kajiyama, Danny Kalanduyan, Mary Khan, Lily Kharrazi, Sojin Kim, Ed Kissam, Amy Kitchener and Hugo Morales, Ruth Kitchener, Deborah Kodish and Robert W. Eskind, Prudence Kohler, Carrie Lanza, Amy Lawrence, Ritchie Lim, Jessica and Carrie Love, Nayamin Martinez, Libby Maynard, Juan and Consuelo Medina, Merced Lao Family Community, Patricia Montgomery, Leanne Mounvongkham, Chike Nwoffiah, Prumsodun Ok, Maria Ortega, Leonor X. Perez, Robert Ramirez, Marla Reisman, Donna Remmert, Sarah Remmert, Diana Replogle-Plurinton, David Roche, Russell Rodriguez, Charlie Seemann, John Seto, Dan Sheehy, Celine Shein, Michael Shiloh, Wendeanne Ke’aka Stitt, Shreelata Suresh, Emiko Susilo, Sri Susilowati, Melody Takata, Robert Taylor, Andrea Temkin, Keith Terry, Khampha Thepavong, Nadhi Thekkek, Endelva M. Troy, Christina Tuccillo, Patricia Wakida, Jennifer Walsh, Patricia Wells Solórzano, Dorothy Wright, Linda Yamane, Jerry Yoshitomi, and other anonymous donors.