October 1, 2014

California’s cultural traditions will live on due to grant funds and the generous individual contributors (names listed below) to our Apprenticeship Campaign; 50 people committed to a total of $10,865.  Thanks to your generosity, we once again exceeded our $8,000 goal! AND received encouraging words from traditional arts supporters.  One example, Meg Glaser from Nevada wrote: “I love the work that ACTA is doing around the state! The Apprenticeship Program is a great long term investment in something that can really make a difference. Thanks for this opportunity.”

For those of you who missed the opportunity to contribute, don’t worry, look again here next month for other ways you can do your part to support California’s cultural traditions.

Contributors to the 2015 Apprenticeship Program Campaign

Sahra H. Abdi, Amanda Almonte, Flavio Alvarez, Artivista Entertainment, Jamie Bourdon, Christian Castro, Armando Cid, Patricia and Vern Crow, Dayita Data, Dillon Delvo, Les Everard, Wang Fei, Quetzal Flores, Joe and Leah Fontaine, Maria E. Garcia, Meg Glaser, Arunadba Gupta, Rose & Armen Hagopian, Mary Khan, Lily Kharrazi, Sojin Kim,  Amy Kitchener, Ruth Kitchener, Prudence Kohler, Miho Kurashi, Amy Lawrence, Alberto Lopez, Eduardo Martinez Arvilla, Nayamin Martinez, Merced Lao Family, Patrick Nakata, Alberto Pulido, Wilverna Reece, Judy & Bob Reynolds, Russell Rodriguez, Felicia Shaw, Daniel Sheehy, Wendeanne Ke’aka Stitt, Rose & Delia Talamantez, Nadhi Thekkek, Khampha Thephavong, Endelva M. Troy, Paula Tripp-Allen, Ofelia Valdez, Wang Xiong, Linda Yamane, Jerry Yoshitomi and other anonymous donors.