A San Diego-based 2021 Apprenticeship between Bernard Ellorin + Rogelle Zamora in Tagunggu' (gong ensemble) music from the Sulu Archipelago, Philippines. Photo: Rommel Zamora.

ACTA’s Year in Review: 2020 – 2021

After a surreal year, we are grateful to be here.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially devastating to the folk and traditional arts community. During this time of extreme need among our constituents, ACTA did not close down or downsize operations. Rather, we more than doubled our output of funding for the field, administering several new grant programs and organizing multilingual sessions to share information on available resources through this period. We’ve linked arms with institutional partners and national coalitions to increase the depth and efficacy of our COVID responses, tapping into new skills in online convenings and remote collaboration.

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Our interactive Year in Review highlights how ACTA responded to the pandemic with record-breaking grants, new programs, and creative adaptations to our existing work.

Learn about some of our special programs and new approaches this year by flipping through the report below (or click here to download).

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