Wang Wei

Chinese percussion

Master Chinese folk percussionist Wang Wei.  Photo courtesy of Wang Wei.Chinese folk percussion is not well known in China or the United States.  Traditionally, village drummers played in towers to signal special events, drums were played in the military to inspire courage, and farmers used drumming to pace communal planting.  Over the years, Chinese string and wind music eclipsed percussion in popularity.

While studying percussion at the Music Conservatory of China in Beijing and the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai, Wang Wei traveled to the regions of Xian and Shannxi to study and preserve local music.  He is currently one of the most skilled Chinese drummers in the United States, committed to preserving and popularizing this traditional form.

As a participant in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program in 2007, Wang worked with consultant Door Dog Music Productions to develop professional promotional materials.  Wang will use these materials to present himself to potential presenters throughout the country.  Door Dog Music Productions also provided him with access to a database of U.S.-based presenters.

In 2005, Wang was a master artist in ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program with apprentice Jason Jong.  Their apprenticeship focused on teaching Jason, founder of the Bay Area’s Hei Gu Percussion Ensemble, lead drumming rhythms


As a participant in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program in 2005, Wang worked with consultant Door Dog Music Productions, to complete the production of an educational CD.  The CD introduces percussion instruments from different regions of China, educating listeners on the instruments’ origin and rhythm patterns with sample pieces recorded by Wang Wei.  This educational CD presenting Chinese percussion instruments is the first of its kind, and will advance awareness and appreciation of Chinese percussion.