Parasuraman SunderRajan

South Indian Carnatic violin

Master artist Parasuraman SunderRajan (left) and his 2008 apprentice Kiran Athreya.ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program, with apprentice Kiran Athreya.  The apprenticeship focused on solo playing for concerts, accompaniment for vocal concerts, playing the raga Malike (Garland of Tunes), expansion of select ragas, and creative aspects of Carnatic music.

In 2005, Parasuraman was a master artists in ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program, with apprentice Arun Ramamurthi.  During the apprenticeship, Parasuraman taught his technique to Arun, an already advanced performer.


Master artist Parasuraman SunderRajan (left) instructs his 2008 apprentice Kiran Athreya during one of their lessons in South Indian Carnatic violin. Photo: Sherwood Chen

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