OngDance Company

Korean dance

Founded in 2004, the OngDance Company has a vision to bring out the hidden beauty of traditional Korean dance in order to create artistic styles that coincide with our rapidly chaning society.  The OngDance Company is committed to push the boundaries of ethnic dance forward into the 2st century, create art and an art experience that mirrors and challenges the diversity of the Bay Area and Bay Area dance, bring Korean dancers together with non-Koreans, share the history and culture of Korea with the Bay Area community, and actively engage audience members in the joys and challenges of movement.  Primarily, the OngDance Company is a performing and educational dance organization; they create and perform new pieces at various venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and offer Korean dance classes to all ages and backgrounds.

In 2015, a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program will support SOS: Shall We Dance With OngDance Saturdays, their monthly, low-cost Korean dance instruction program in San Francisco with the purchase of new drums, drum stands, and fans.

In 2014, the OngDance Company received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support the expansion of their Korean dance instruction in San Francisco.  With the purchase of new drum sets and costumes, OngDance will now be able to offer ongoing clasess in sam-go-mu (three drum dance), a fundamental Korean dance form.

In 2010, the OngDance Company participated in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program, receiving support to work with web designer Yon Hardisty for the reconstruction of their website.

The following video features excerpts from OngDance’s SOS: Shall We Dance With OngDance Saturdays dance classes:


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