LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble

Pilipino music and dance

Founded in 1992, LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble celebrates Philippine culture through music and dance.  LIKHA believes in the power of dance and music to educate the Pilipino American community and diverse audiences about the Philippine culture.  Although Pilipino Americans are the fastest growing Asian American population in the United States, they are not seen as a unified community.  LIKHA works to showcase the diversity of Pilipino culture on the stage to bridge differences within Pilipino American cultures, and to educate Pilipino American youth and adults who do not have the opportunities to learn about their culture. They also seek to educate other cultures who have never seen or heard about the Philippines.

As a grantee of ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program in 2010, LIKHA received support for its Asia on Stage project, a pan-Asian performance program that promotes traditional Asian cultural expression through dance and music.  A wide variety of ethnic performance groups will participate as a way to raise awareness and stimulate interest in the diversity of Asian arts and culture.