Liän Ensemble

Persian music

Based in Los Angeles, the Liän Ensemble is a group of performers and composers who perform mystical Persian music.

In 2004, participation in ACTA ‘s Traditional Arts Development Program allowed the Liän Ensemble to partner with Professor Fatemeh Keshavarz to produce a live presentation that combined mystical poetry and music.  The project enhanced public awareness regarding the specific artistic interplay of poetry and music, and the unique role it plays in Persian culture.  The presentation will feature the lyric poetry of two influential mystics of the 13th century, Farid al-din ‘Attar and Jalal al-Din Rumi.  Professor Keshavarz who hails from Washington University in St. Louis has published numerous articles and translations of the work of both poets.  The presentation combined recitation of the poems accompanied with the musical compositions of the Liän Ensemble.


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