Jubilith Moore

Japanese Noh theater

One of the oldest continually performed theater forms in the world, Noh combines dance, chant, music, and mask in a performance requiring intense inner concentation and physical discipline.  Jubilith Moore has been a practitioner of Noh since 1993, studing under Yuriko Doi, Richard Emmert, Akira Miatsui, Shiro Nomura, and Mitsuo Kama.  Jubilith is the Artistic Director for the Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco.

In 2010, Jubilith received support from ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program, supporting her travel to the 16th Annual Noh Training Project (NTP) in Bloomsburg, PA.  At NTP, Jubilith had the opportunity to study with Kinue Oshima, a professional Noh performer from an historic Noh family based in Osaka, Japan, as well as teh Kita School’s sole woman professional.