Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Organization

Japanese arts and culture

The Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Organization (JTPAO) was founded in 1992 to preserve and promote Japanese traditional performing arts in the United States.  JTPAO serves as an umbrella organization to Japanese traditional performing arts groups in the Los Angeles area.  Since its inception, the organization has presented more than 250 performers including 80 artists who have traveled from Japan.  They now turn their efforts to bringing master artists from Japan to participate in traditional Nagauta workshops and performances in Los Angeles.

In 2004, JTPAO’s participation in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program supported the travel and expenses in bringing grand master shamisen musician Kineya Yakichi VIII to teach workshops.  Nagauta is a music form, developed along with Kabuki in Japan, and has a history of 400 years.  Its music consists of shamisen (3-stringed instrument) and singers along with a percussion ensemble called Hayashi.  JTPAO used the workshops conducted by grand master Kineya Yakichi to start building a group of musicians that can preserve the Nagauta traditions in Southern California.