Galería de la Raza

Chicano/Latino arts

Founded in 1970, the Galería de la Raza is a community-based arts organization whose mission is to foster public awareness and appreciation of Chicano/Latino art and serve as a laboratory where artists can both explore contemporary issues in art, culture and civic society, and advance intercultural dialogue.  To implement their mission, the Galería supports Latino artists in the visual, literary, media, and performing art fields whose works explore new aesthetic possibilities for socially committed art.

In 2011, the Galeria received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support master classes in son jarocho, the improvisatory musical style indigenous to Veracruz and Cuba.  The classes, offered through five three-hour workshops, were taught by master artists who are members of the musical group Los Soneros del Este.  The interrelationship of music, poetry, dance, and improvisation were emphasized.  The program culminated with a participatory performance and jam known as a fandango.  The son jarocho classes served multi-generational Latino Bay Area residents, some originally from the Veracruz region.

The Galería received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program in 2009 for their program Master Son Jarocho, which included a three-hour master class and a public performance of traditional Mexican son jarocho music.  The project perpetuates the performance of the traditional vocals and instrumental music of the Mexican son.  Artists includes the ensemble Los Soneros del Este.  A panel discussion led by an ethnomusicologist was also part of the program.


Dancing on the tarima, or wooden platform, at the end of a son jarocho workshop at San Francisco's Galería de la Raza in 2009. Photo: ACTA

Artemio Posadas and Kyla Danish zapateando on the tarima.

Artemio Posadas explaining the decima for the valona arribeño.

Artemio Posadasa explaining poetic form of the Mexican son to workshop participants.

El Mosquito performing sones jarochos.

Jorge Beltran with the new generation of El Mosquito.

Laura Cambrón and Quetzal Flores

Los Hijos de Jose

Russell Rodriguez (left) and Federico Zuñiga

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