Danzantes Unidos

Mexican folkloric dance

Danzantes Unidos is the cultural network of Mexican folk dancers and artists throughout California.  It was incorporated in 1994 to promote and support the Mexican folk experience through the performing and visual arts, including, but not limited to, the annual three-day festival known as the Danzantes Unidos Festival.

The first festival was held in UCLA in 1979 and continues to take place during Palm Sunday weekend each year.  It provides an opportunity for Mexican folk dancers to meet, study, and perform in a united celebration.  The three-day festival offers movement classes, lectures, costume showing, visual art workshops, dance presentations and musical recitals.  Emphasis is placed on sharing and participation is open to all dancers regardless of age or skill level.

As a grantee of ACTA’s Community Leadership Project in 2013, Danzantes Unidos received core operating support and capacity building training over three years.

In 2006, Danzantes Unidos received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support its annual festival.


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