Claudia Lyra

Claudia Lyra has brought Brazilian culture to others since she moved to US in 2003.  Claudia trained in Brazil in capoeira (a Brazilian art form that can be practiced as a martial art or a dance, and its accompanying music).  Claudia is also an accomplished percussionist, studying traditional Brazilian percussion with renowned Mestres (masters) throughout Brazil.  Claudia plays and performs on the pandeiro (used in many types of Brazilian music), the berimbau (used in capoeira), the alfaia (used in Meracatu rhythms), the caixas do maranhau (usedin Cacuria and coco rhythms), and the zabumba (used in baiao and xote rhythms).

Claudia is the founder and executive director of San Diego’s Brazil Cultural Center and the artistic director of the cultural ensemble Nós de Chita.

In 2012, support from ACTA’s Development Program allowed Claudia to attend the annual California Brazil Camp in Cazadero, California, allowing her to update and gain knowledge in different teaching methodologies for Brazilian music and dance, as well as network with fellow professionals in her field.