July 12, 2011

Hi everyone! I just wanted to first thank ACTA for this great opportunity and you all for reading. My apprenticeship is pretty much done, and within these past six months, I feel that I have accomplished a lot. Before I started the apprenticeship, I basically was a beginner again because I was away at acollege and had to take a break from dancing. Now I feel like I’ve not only retained my old self, but I have improve a lot. Now that the apprenticeship is done, many asks “now what?” Seriously, now what? How can I use the knowledge that I’ve gained? Well, teaching of course!

All that I have learned will be taught to my students at the Khmer Arts Academy. One of the main goals for this apprenticeship was for me to gain enough experience and knowledge so that I can educate the next generation so that our beautiful art and culture will not be lost and forgotten in America.

Before I can teach, there is one more place I have to go. CAMBODIA! My next training will be in Cambodia with Neak Kru Charya’s sister, Neak Kru Sophiline. Everyday I think to myself, “How lucky am I to get trained by two of the best in the world?” This is a very exciting opportunity for me. I can’t wait to share all that I have learned this year!

ACTA, again, thank you so much for this experience. It was definitely a life-changing experience!