April 28, 2015

Master Yurok basketweaver Margaret Lee Peters (right) and her cousin and 2014 apprentice Kristen Rose RaymondLiving Cultures Grants Program
Deadline: July 15, 2015

Apprenticeship Program
Deadline: July 15, 2015

Join a webinar with ACTA staff to learn more about these programs.

May 28- English        12 noon-1:30 pm
June 4 – Spanish       6-7:30 pm
June 11- English        12 noon-1:30 pm
WHO:  Anyone who is interested in the Living Cultures Grants or Apprenticeship Programs

HOW:  Sign up by sending a request to actawebinars@gmail.com or call (559) 237-9812.
WHAT IS A WEBINAR?:  You dial a conference call line by phone and follow along on your computer as we go through a PowerPoint presentation together.  We will email you the information on how to access the material once you sign up.