March 10, 2013

Cesar Castro (right) and Xochi Flores, former ACTA Apprenticeship Program participants and members of the son jarocho ensemble Cambalache.As the past five years have proven to be difficult for funding in the arts, especially in folk and traditional arts, ACTA has had to reevaluate our own ways of thinking about funding sources.  Understanding this crisis at hand, we are cognizant to how artists are trying to be proactive in attaining funds and resources so they can continue the good work they do. Programs like Kickstarter, USA Projects, and many others have provided formats for artists to not only make public requests for support, but aided them with creative manners to organize and represent themselves.  ACTA would like to contribute to these efforts by featuring on our website folk or traditional artists/practitioners in process with their funding projects.

This month, we would like to feature the Kickstarter page of 2011 apprenticeship pair master artist Cesar Castro and his apprentice Xochi Flores as they raise funds for a recording project of son jarocho with their musical ensemble Cambalache.

If you are a current or past ACTA grantee or participant and have a fundraising effort that you would like us to consider featuring, please contact Nayamin Martinez via email for more information.